The '53 Chevy

With The Memphis Belair heading off for cage work and an exhaust system next in line is a makeover on the '53 Chevy. The below photos are what could happen when you go away for a while, leave your car with us, and we enjoy a few too many of our other passion...beers! It was all in good fun as we knew the '53 was going to be blasted back to bare metal and cop a new paint job, but the look on the owners face when he turned up was priceless. Not to bad for a first scallop job, especially considering our "state" when we did it!!! LOL However there are certainly certain elements I would do differently next time, just to get it looking "right"!!! This one is going to start life as a real crusier, the original 6 banger is staying in place, manual gearbox, steelies etc etc. A nice paint job, new interior, and a lowered stance will have it looking the goods however and it will the perfect tool for getting around to shows, pubs and weekend cruises.

The original request was to paint it gloss black, but I think we have successfully squashed that plan and a nice metallic silver is the current hue of choice...personally i think the '53 is the pick of the post war pre '55 Chev's and Im sure we will have this one looking a treat by the time it rolls out of the shed, despite the budget nature of the build. Check back soon for some more updates...oh yeah, unfortunately the scallops wont be making a re-appearance. Shame methinks!!!