Posted at 27/07/2011 3:25 pm.

First of all I am by no means an expert or guru in the area of twitter, however having used it fairly solidly for the last 6 months or so in a business context there are certainly some observations I have. I have listed these in simple point form below, if youre thinking about twitter they may help your execution, if you're already on twitter they may help you refine your use of it...or you may just decide I'm a tool!!! It's all good...

  • Twitter isn't just another form of advertising, it's about connecting with your customers...I think you treat it as advertising at your own peril, it will earn a swift unfollow from me.

  • Retweeting interesting or unusual stuff is cool, but retweeting everything, especially from a self promotion perspective can get a little lame

  • I don't get the whole "hey celebrity x, can I get a RT?" thing, but be warned twitter is full of it!

  • If you farm your twitter out to an agency or pr firm or the like, make sure they don't also do the twitter feed for someone closely related who your followers also follow. It's annoying getting identical tweets from two different "sources"

  • Also if you do farm your twitter out, be honest about it, don't try & pretend it is something or someone you are will get found out & credibility will be lost

  • I also find it annoying tweets that constantly direct you to a Facebook page. I think you have to be careful about just calling it all "social media"... They each have their own identity & you can't assume the "audience" want both eg I love twitter, hate Facebook!

  • FF's are great for discovering new people to follow...but for me just 1 or 2 FF tweets is enough! People who FF their whole contact list week in-week out, well that's another unfollow from me!

  • As a user be careful, this can get addictive!!!

I think twitter offers a lot of potential as a marketing tool, but like anything to do with business make sure you understand what you are doing & have a clear strategy for it's use. Does it work? The connection for our latest project, the Endeavour Beer Truck came through Twitter. So hell yeah it works!!!

New Site!

Posted at 13/03/2011 12:47 pm.

Welcome to the brand new Street. Strip. Salt. Speed! website. While the design has changed, you will still find the same great information and stories, plus some new great stuff which we will be adding soon.
Keep up to date with the latest events and news in the hot rod industry, and grab some great ideas from our gallery. You will also find our some less car-related things including our exciting "review-style" mystery beers page.
Finally, if you have any feedback or questions, dont hesitate to contact us right now.