A brief selection of the things that make life a little better.

HOT RODS! - You probably had that one figured.

MOTORSPORT! - No surprises here, can't get enough of it.

BEER! - Yep, if you have had a look through this site, you probably had that figured as well.

MUSIC! - Never stop listening. My favourite band is The Living End, unreal music and even better live! But I like a heap of other new and old stuff as well... like the Kings of Leon & Chocolate Starfish (whatever happened to them?), Pearl Jam & Green Day.

DC SHOES! - They look good and they are super comfortable, try some yourself... Not mine though, get your own!

ROCKSTAR ENERGY JUICE! - Yep the juice is my favourite, its like Passiona on steroids. I'm thinking an early to mid fifties Street Strip Salt Speed Special Cadillac in the copper colours would look awesome... And being a Cadillac, very RockStar!!!

ART! - There is some very cool hot-rod art out there, but for something a little different, and with the odd hot-rod influence, check out Tanya Loviz. I have a number of her works and I can't speak highly enough of her talent! Once the Memphis BelAir is up and running I might look into commissioning Tanya to do a one-off piece...that would be very cool to have in the pool room!

BOURBON! - Don't mind the odd bourbon just to change things up a bit from the mystery beers. Generally speaking I'm a Wild Turkey man, but I do drink Jack Daniels as well, to thank them for there support of motorsport. I'd love to do a Wild Turkey car, taking inspiration form the old Moonshine runners of America's south, or the early days of NASCAR!

CAR MAGAZINES! - With a seemingly endless arrray of titles, I can assure you I have way to many of them. If I could reclaim the cover value of all my magazines I reckon Id have enough cash to finish my car! The quality of Australian magazines is exceptional as well, however the undoubted king of magazines is "The Rodder's Journal". Expensive; sure, but very much great value for money. A new mag out of Australia is following in the footsteps...FUEL MAGAZINE is a great read and great quality. DEADBEAT magazine has also become a favorite of mine...

APPLE! - No not the fruit! Couldnt get by without my iPhone, and cant wait to get one of the new iPads, a 27" iMac, and iAnythingelse they bring out!!! UPDATE: I now own an iPad 1, 27" iMac and iPhone 4! And I plan to upgrade to iPad2 as soon as it becomes available!

HEADLANDS HOTEL! - Yep we love the place, its my home away from home! Coopers Pale Ale on tap (where's the Longboard though?) and a superb relaxed atmosphere... And not to forget the headland itself; the perfect place for a few quiet ones any day of the week.

THE DRAGONS! - Ahhh the mighty Red V! Massive fan and lets hope 2011 is as successful a season of 2010 after taking out the minor premiership AND premiership.

TWITTER! - Yep Facebook just doesn't do it for me, Twitter is where it's at to follow a heap of rod shops, manufacturers, craft brewers, Aussie & American motorsport legends & simply some downright interesting people!!!