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Times change, and so do plans. I’m a big believer in the fact that from a business perspective you need to constantly re-invent yourself, and constantly reassess where you are at and where you are going. Sometimes its by choice, and sometimes it’s forced upon you by circumstances outside of your control…you have to play with the cards your dealt, as they say. So with this in mind the future of Street.Strip.Salt.Speed!, in the short term at least, is going to be a little more focused and self-centered, and in this instance I think that’s a good thing. Maybe it’s a case of one-step back to take two forwards? Only time will tell.

What hasn’t changed is my desire to build unique and innovative vehicles that represent a modern interpretation of the post-ware golden era of Detroit design and hot rodding development. That remains central to all I am about. The Memphis BelAir is my initial interpretation of that. I would like to say ultimate interpretation, but I’ve no doubt there will be refinements along the way, and the car will get better. Will the development ever end? Again, only time will tell.

Things continue to progress with the Memphis BelAir. Always too slow for my liking, but these things take time…its more important to get it right than get it done less than to perfection. With the changes mentioned above, a little more focus and attention should help move things along. The motor is getting built as we speak, and I’m really excited to be working with US ProCharger guru Steve Morris and locally all round performance engine guru Sam Fenech from Westend Performance. I’m definitely in good hands with these two guys on board.

I can’t wait to drive the Memphis BelAir on the street, strip, salt, & at speed! 432 cubes of all aluminum big block Chev, pushed full of 20+psi of boost from an F2 Procharger, aftermarket FAST sequential fuel injection running environmentally friendly E85, a TCI 6-speed paddle shifted automatic, and full Ridetech air suspension. We started out at 1000hp, 9’s on the strip and 200mph on the salt. We are now at 1400hp , 8’s on the strip and 200mph on the salt (hey it’s as aerodynamic as a brick right!). Yes I’ve got carried away, but as they say you only live once yeah?

Hopefully the car proves popular, even more hopefully inspirational…and we see more builds oriented towards street, strip, and salt!!! Ive been lucky enough to be inspired by builders like Troy Trepanier, Denny Terzich, & Mario Colliallo along with doorslammer racers like Victor Bray, and vehicles like HotRod magazines F-bomb and Super Chevy’s Procharged Nova. Back in the day it was the likes of So-Cal Speed Shop and Stone, Woods & Cook. It wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the legendary Burt Munro, of “Worlds Fastest Indian” fame.

Hope you enjoy the site! Follow along on the website, as we focus on getting the Memphis BelAir completed, or on Twitter and Pinterest to see what we are about, and I’m about to start playing around on Instagram as well. Feel free to shoot through some feedback via any of the formats, I’m always up for a chat with fellow enthusiasts.