One of the most interesting developments in the home of hot-rodding, the USA, is Standing Mile Racing, a hybrid of both Salt Flat Racing and Drag Racing. The April 2010 edition of the influential Hot Rod magazine has a great article entitled "All the Rage: Trends & Technologies which will change the face of Hot Rodding in 2010 & Beyond" According to Hot Rod "In 2010, real enthusiasts...are following the types of grassroots action they can at least imagine themselves doing with their own cars or they can vicariously enjoy via internet critique"...going on to say "the biggest growth area is in events where racers discover how fast their cars will go in 1 mile from a standing start."

From where I am sitting this could well be the ultimate motorsport for the Street Strip Salt Speed way of thinking! Yet to take off in Australia, I'm sure it is only a matter of time, and the finding of an appropriate venue (most often held on old runways), before we jump on this very exciting bandwagon. For more info check out the following sites...

www.ecta-lsr.com - The East Coast Timing Association, North Carolina.

www.texasmile.net - The Texas Mile, Texas.

www.lta-lsr.com - The Loring Timing Association, Maine<./p>

www.mojavemile.com - The Mojave Mile, California.