Street Cars

To me, nothing says "freedom" more than cruising the streets in your favorite ride, chuckling at the rubber-neckers, & cracking the odd luna park impersonation as the exhaust note from a brief flat-to-the-floor blast lights up your dial. From an artistic perspective I get the whole show car thing, but no trophy can substitute for the thrill of putting some k's on the clock. So what "street" cars do it for me??? Try this shortlist.:

Troy's "Chicayne" '62 Chev

Mario's "King Cad" '57 Cadillac

Super Chevy Magazine's ProCharged '70 Nova

Phil Rillotta's "ProSt1" LC Torana

Troy Hillier's XP Coupe

Milan Dokic's "Mentel" '68 Camaro

John & Kathy Batten's '41 Willys

Bill Murfinn's HT Monaro

Mick Fabre's "RAWR" '33 Coupe

Ted Krolo's '57 Chev

Also check out June 2001 edition of Street Machine for the feature on Jack Chisenhalks '53 Studebaker's probably the closest representation to the type of cars we want to build!

Finally, do us all a favour, don't race on the street. Save it for the strip, the salt, or any other venues dedicated to allow you to experience the speed of your vehicle. Seriously, in this day and age, street racing is for knobs!!!